Different Skin Care Benefits Of Sandalwood – CSM-AML

Before synthetic ingredients were developed and sophisticated education stepped in, early people made use of natural ingredients to make their skin healthy and glowing. Besides, it is known that the nature provides the best remedies. Today, natural and organic is making a comeback – more and more individuals are realizing that natural skin care products are more beneficial. In fact, they are a lot easier to process since their components are more compatible and familiar with the human body’s natural chemical make-up.

Among the many natural ingredients being used these days, sandalwood is the most relied upon by most people. This is an aromatic Indian wood that can retain its smell for many years. Actually, it has been a popular ingredient for several perfumes of men along with other aromatic products. However, you must also be aware that this is also great for your skin. It contains santalol, a component that has very powerful anti-microbial properties. Thus, it is known to be very efficient in fighting all kinds of skin woes.

Other Sandalwood Skin Care Benefits

It promotes faster healing of burns as well as wounds. Also, it can prevent ugly scarring afterwards.

It soothes itching. All you have to do is to make a paste of sandalwood powder, lemon juice, and turmeric. It actually works efficiently. It can actually also help in reducing the redness. Furthermore, it can treat almost all types of insect bites – it can greatly help in eradicating itchiness as well as swelling.

It causes your scars to fade. Sandalwood oil can actually be added to orange blossom or perhaps to rose water so as to create a toner. On the other hand, the sandalwood powder can be made into paste for spot treatment.

It helps in preventing and treating pimples and acne like milia and blackheads. The anti-microbial properties of sandalwood will help in keeping your skin clean. Know that it also has a drying effect – hence, if it is applied to zits, they will be healed faster. Moreover, it can also help exfoliate your skin and keep you skin hydrated since it provides moisture.

It can also help whiten skin most especially after sunburn. You just have to mix the sandalwood oil with almond oil, sandalwood powder, and VCO. After that, apply such mixture in darkened areas for 10 days. Indeed, you can see significant lightning of your skin.